• Have you ever had a few necklaces that you absolutely adored but could never wear together because they were all strangely different lengths? We definitely have! Instead of buying a new chain or permanently removing length for a necklace, we recommend using a necklace extension chain. 

All Ardie & Co Necklaces have an extra 2inch extension that is optional for your Necklace, So you can decide which length you want it at, this can take your Necklace from a 18inch to 22inch.

WHAT IS A NECKLACE EXTENSION? Are short removable chain extensions that can be added to any necklace to give you more versatility when styling your necklaces. Easy to add on or remove from any of your existing necklaces, a necklace extension chain is the only necklace accessory you'll ever really need! If you've ever seen any of our iconic necklace stacks, the secret behind their perfectly balanced lengths is the trusty necklace extension chain. Everyone has different lengths between their neck, so the 18inch Necklace may sit higher like a choker for some or longer, below the collarbone, for others. 





All Ardie & Co rings are adjustable but we do sell the odd one or two that requires the sizing chart. We currently have three sizes which are size 7, 8, 9 And hope to extend the sizing of our rings very soon. Please look at the guide below to get more information on each size of the rings.