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304 Stainless Steel

Valentina Flower Huggies

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  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • 18K Gold & Silver
  • Huggie
  • Hypoallergenic 
  • Nickel Free
  • Sold as a pair
  • Please see studio image for most accurate colour                                                     

Please note: Due to hygiene reasons, we do not accept earrings as a return or exchange 

Size Info


  • Have you ever had a few necklaces that you absolutely adored but could never wear together because they were all strangely different lengths? We definitely have! Instead of buying a new chain or permanently removing length for a necklace, we recommend using a necklace extension chain. 

All Ardie & Co Necklaces have an extra 2inch extension that is optional for your Necklace, So you can decide which length you want it at, this can take your Necklace from a 18inch to 22inch.

WHAT IS A NECKLACE EXTENSION? Are short removable chain extensions that can be added to any necklace to give you more versatility when styling your necklaces. Easy to add on or remove from any of your existing necklaces, a necklace extension chain is the only necklace accessory you'll ever really need! If you've ever seen any of our iconic necklace stacks, the secret behind their perfectly balanced lengths is the trusty necklace extension chain. Everyone has different lengths between their neck, so the 18inch Necklace may sit higher like a choker for some or longer, below the collarbone, for others. 





All Ardie & Co rings are adjustable but we do sell the odd one or two that requires the sizing chart. We currently have three sizes which are size 7, 8, 9 And hope to extend the sizing of our rings very soon. Please look at the guide below to get more information on each size of the rings. 




Care Instructions

Ardie & Co The Label believe in creating beautiful pieces for everyday uses. We work with suppliers that provide a good working environment and good working conditions to highly skilled artisans that use traditional and modern techniques.


925 Sterling Silver naturally tarnishes when exposed to moisture and oxygen in the air. This tarnishing effect on the surface of the jewellery can be removed easily by buffing with a jewellery cloth.

To prevent tarnishing, please store your jewellery pieces in an airtight jewellery box, pouch, or a plastic zip-lock bag. We recommend using zip-lock bags. They may not be glamorous, but they stop the oxygen getting in and prolong the true silver colour of your jewellery.

A natural way to prevent tarnishing on your 925 Sterling Silver jewellery is to wear it often because the oils in your skin help prevent them from tarnishing. Please note that Sterling Silver is a very soft material, so we suggest being gentle and using non-abrasive cloths when wiping it.


Gold and silver plating is a method of bonding a thin layer of liquid gold or silver onto the surface of another metal. Ardie & Co are made out of 925 Sterling silver & 304 Stainless Steel which are either gold or silver plated, Our Jewellery are PVD coated which possess an higher resistance to wear than traditional gold plating.



All our 304 Stainless Steel is Nickel Free and used in surgical instruments, and other medical equipment, it won't tarnish or rust.

304 Stainless steel is easy to clean compared to many other materials. Washing with soap or a mild detergent and warm water followed by a clean water rinse is usually quite adequate for domestic and architectural equipment. An enhanced appearance will be achieved if the cleaned surface is finally wiped dry.

Please note that Ardie & Co is not liable to compensate customers for any reactions that are caused by our jewellery. If you experience any reactions to our jewellery we recommend to consult your GP.